MARSH covid-19 operations

Member-owners continue to access UNFI food (staples like flour and dry beans, household, dairy, meat, eggs, etc) and Albert’s Produce (full range of fruits and vegetables) as well as local items (produce, meat, etc, increasing as the growing season begins), and prepared foods made in the MARSH kitchen (bread, enchiladas, muffins, etc) through bi-weekly orders online (HERE). And, if you are a producer (farmer, or even home gardener, baker, etc) who would like to offer your products through the co-op, please contact us:¬†

On-hand items and MARSH kitchen meals are available throughout the week (24 hour turnaround, click MARSH and MARSH ON HAND tabs on the ordering site). Both orders and on-hand food are handled safely and provided via curbside pickup.

We are also working with Solidarity Economy St. Louis’ Quarantine Support team to distribute food to precarious and quarantined folx, please let us know if you want to make an order and will need delivery! We are also providing sustenance groceries and meals to those with emergency need. Support and request mutual aid HERE!



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